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belindastronach11 Avatar
Created by belindastronach11 on May, 30 2021 with 1 Members

Belinda Stronach , Website: , Address: 455 Magna Drive, Aurora, Ontario, Canada L4G 7A9 , Phone: 1 (905) 726-7600 , Belinda Stronach served as an executive of Magna International and a member of parliament in the Canadian House of Commons. Ms. Stronach served in a variety of roles at Magna International, a major automotive supplier headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, ultimately becoming CEO in 2001. Belinda was named one of the most influential people by The Times Magazine in 2004. Belinda Stronach took her leadership skills to the House of Commons in 2004, serving four years for both the Conservative Party of Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada. She founded The Belinda Stronach Foundation in 2008; a social impact organization with the goal of improving health outcomes of women and children. Now serving as Chairman and President of The Stronach Group, Belinda Stronach continues building her legacy with success in racing, gaming, and entertainment. #Horse Racing #Belinda Stronach ,

hussainalnowa4 Avatar
Created by hussainalnowa4 on May, 29 2021 with 1 Members

Hussain Al Nowais , Website: , Address: P.O Box: 54457 Abu Dhabi, UAE , Phone: +971 2 6918000 , Hussain Al Nowais is a global industrialist and business strategist with over 25 years’ experience in business management, banking, project finance, investment, industrial and real estate sectors. Mr. AlNowais has a proven track-record in the development of industrial, infrastructure, and energy projects; and in the development and acquisition of businesses in the MENA region. Hussain Al Nowais is the founding member and Chairman of AlNowais Investments. Currently, Mr. AlNowais is spearheading the firm’s strategy of global expansion and strategic project development in energy, industry, infrastructure, oil & gas, healthcare, information technology, hospitality and real-estate. #International Business, Hussain al Nowais #Hussain al Nowais , Business e-mail: , ,

American Addiction Centers Avatar
American Addiction Centers
Created by americanaddi07 on May, 20 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Address: 24552 Pacific Park Drive, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 Phone: 866-201-9175 American Addiction Centers is an innovative substance abuse treatment facility that also focuses on behavioral addictions. American Addiction Centers is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, and provides addiction treatment services in outpatient and residential facilities, additionally providing diagnostic laboratory services and drug testing. Contact American Addiction Centers (AAC) for information on getting help for a loved one or yourself. #American Addiction Centers Facebook:

Starr Wright USA Reviews Avatar
Starr Wright USA Reviews
Created by starrwright09 on May, 19 2021 with 1 Members

Website: ,, ,, Address: 405 Silverside Rd #102b, Wilmington, DE 19809 ,, ,, Starr Wright USA reviews the needs of federal employees and their families to assist them in finding the liability insurance policies that meet their needs. Starr Wright offers liability insurance, as well as disability insurance, travel insurance, and life insurance. The company, originally Starr Companies, was started in 1919 by Cornelius Vander Starr. In September 2016, Starr Companies purchased Wright USA, founded by Frank Wright, who understood the risks that came with being a federal employee. The merging of the two companies resulted in what is now Starr Wright USA, a company who is driven to set a standard for federal employee insurance, and dedicated to the families it serves. For federal employees looking for more information about the policies offered by Starr Wright USA, review their website or contact their customer service team to learn more.

Mike Kahoe Avatar
Mike Kahoe
Created by mikekahoe07 on May, 17 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Address: Bath, Ohio Mike Kahoe of Akron, Ohio is a board member at Revere Local Schools. He was a Field Organizer for Ohio Trump Victory, and is very involved in both his local community and the Trump administration campaign as a whole. Mike Kahoe has already accomplished impressive goals as a recently graduated high-schooler. He became the youngest elected official in the state of Ohio when he was elected to the Board of Education for the Revere school district in 2019, while still a high-school senior. Kahoe graduated from Revere in June 2020, but during his time there he served as the senior class Vice President, Student Council Vice President, and Kids for Kids President. Kahoe plans to attend Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and will graduate in 2024. #Consulting #Mike Kahoe

Joey Armstrong Avatar
Joey Armstrong
Created by joeyarmstrong04 on May, 17 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Address: Los Angeles, CA Joey Armstrong is the drummer and one of the founders of the band SWMRS (pronounced “swimmers”). SWMRS, an American punk-rock band that was formed 2004 by Joey Armstrong and Cole Becker, was originally named The Raining Souls. The name was changed to The Clocks for a short time, then to Emily’s Army, then became SWMRS. Joey Armstrong and SWMRS have produced several studio albums over the years, some having been produced alongside Joey Armstrong’s father, Billie Joe the lead guitarist and frontman for Green Day. #Marketing #Joey Armstrong

Zylast Reviews Avatar
Zylast Reviews
Created by zylastreviews1 on May, 11 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Zylast reviews is where you can see real world testimonials about this innovative product. produces an antiseptic hand sanitizer among other health and beauty products. Zylast can be 100 times more effective than alcohol alone according to Zylast reviews show that the antiseptic hand sanitizer, foaming soap, and lotion are making believers out of more and more consumers. See the Zylast reviews website for more information. #Health & Beauty #Zylast reviews

Antonio Brown Councilman Avatar
Antonio Brown Councilman
Created by antoniobrown01 on May, 4 2021 with 1 Members

Website: , Address: 55 Trinity Ave SW Suite 2900, Atlanta, GA 30303 , Phone: (404) 330-6046 , Antonio Brown, Councilman was elected in 2019 to represent District 3 of Atlanta. He is a current member of the following committees: Community Development/Human Services, Public Safety, and Committee on Council. Antonio Brown, Councilman has a strong work ethic and an optimistic approach. He has a strong background in business and education that have guided him to the position that he now holds. Antonio Brown, Councilman created the Small Business Entrepreneurship Program at The Art Institute. This program that he created produced terrific results and helped students develop a successful path for their future. His success rates inspired him to do more. He has since also created Student Entrepreneurs of America to serve children in public schools as well. His goal is to give the opportunity to create a successful and bright future to all children and see them grow. #City Council #Antonio Brown Councilman ,

Belinda Stronach Avatar
Belinda Stronach
Created by belinadastronach10 on Apr, 25 2021 with 1 Members

Website: , Address: 455 Magna Drive, Aurora, Ontario, Canada L4G 7A9 , Phone: 1 (905) 726-7600 , Belinda Stronach served as an executive of Magna International and a member of parliament in the Canadian House of Commons. Ms. Stronach served in a variety of roles at Magna International, a major automotive supplier headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, Canada, ultimately becoming CEO in 2001. Belinda was named one of the most influential people by The Times Magazine in 2004. Belinda Stronach took her leadership skills to the House of Commons in 2004, serving four years for both the Conservative Party of Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada. She founded The Belinda Stronach Foundation in 2008; a social impact organization with the goal of improving health outcomes of women and children. Now serving as Chairman and President of The Stronach Group, Belinda Stronach continues building her legacy with success in racing, gaming, and entertainment. #Horse Racing #Belinda Stronach ,

Ryan Steensma Avatar
Ryan Steensma
Created by ryansteensma1 on Apr, 18 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Ryan Steensma is a veteran with over 20 years of experience in the Marine Corps. One of his most memorable experiences was at the beginning of his career when he trained for the Initial Fitness Test. Preparing for the Marine Initial Fitness Test can be a challenging and strenuous task. According to Ryan Emerson Steensma, it is important to dedicate as much time training as possible for this test because it is only administered every six months. The test requires you to be both mentally and physically fit. During the test you are required to perform tasks such as pull-ups, push-ups, cardio, planks, and crunches in a certain amount of time. Ryan Emerson Steensma has many helpful tips and tricks when preparing for this intense test that help determines the rest of you career. #Military #Ryan Steensma

100% Polyester Fiber Fabric suppliers Avatar
100% Polyester Fiber Fabric suppliers
Created by panomenu on Apr, 15 2021 with 1 Members

鈻?Our History Since 1993, we have entered the warp knitting industry. In 2003, we expanded the factory scale. In 2004, we established the first company, Xingdeli Weaving Co., Ltd. In 2016, a subsidiary company, Flanders Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd., was established. 鈻?nbsp;Our Factory Our Factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters. There are more than 40 sets of different types of production equipment, and there are dozens of skilled workers. Although our scale is not great, we have always been the first in quality for more than ten years. In principle, quality and quantity are completed for each order. 鈻?nbsp;Our Product Our company's main sandwich mesh fabric, all kinds of colors, weight, mesh mesh cloth can be done, the product is relatively simple, but various specifications can be done according to customer requirements. 鈻?nbsp;Product Application Our 3D air mesh fabric is mainly used for -Mattress -Child safety seat -Sneakers uppear -Seat cushion 鈻?nbsp;Our Certification Member of the textile association Obtain certification for ilAC MRA 鈻?nbsp;Production Equirment 鈻?nbsp;Production Market We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. XXX Sales managers can speak fluent English for good communication. Our main sales market: North America 25.00% Southern Europe 15.00% 鈥?/p> 鈻?nbsp;Our Service In addition to the samples we have made, customers can also customize the products of any size they need. If there are any problems in the middle. You can always contact us and we will solve it for you in the first time.100% Polyester Fiber Fabric suppliers website:

Ppr Welding Machine in stock Avatar
Ppr Welding Machine in stock
Created by panomenu on Apr, 15 2021 with 1 Members

Product description PPR Fusion Welding Machine is suitable for PE / PPR / PVDF / PP pipes and fittings. Adjustable dual temperature control, heating time is half shorter than normal type, making your project efficient. Usage 1. Fix the heating side welding head, place the welding device on the shelf, install the corresponding heating tube die head according to the specifications, and tighten it with a hexagonal shape. Generally, the upper section is small and the rear end is large. 2. Connect the power supply (note that the power supply must be protected by a grounding wire), according to the corresponding model of the machine, it is advisable to change the light on the manual until the welding temperature control device enters the working state, you can start. 3. With the help of a vertical cutting device to cut the tube, the tube and accessories can also promote the welding device not to move in the mold according to the operation needs. After the heating time comes, immediately reach the position of the pipes and fittings removed from the die, and immediately rotate the uneven blades directly to the required depth to form a uniform flange joint. Feature 1. This machine adopts microcomputer control circuit and adds a variety of intelligent functions. It can automatically modify the ambient temperature, display the temperature in time, and send an alarm if it exceeds the temperature range. 2. The surface of the heating plate and die head are both high-quality coatings, which can effectively increase the service life of the machine. 3. The machine has reasonable design, simple appearance and easy operation. Application Suitable for hot melt socket welding of PP-R, HDPE, PB and PE plastic pipes and fittings.Ppr Welding Machine in stock website:

Non Woven Fabric Calender Machine manufacturers Avatar
Non Woven Fabric Calender Machine manufacturers
Created by panomenu on Apr, 15 2021 with 1 Members

Our History 1.The company was founded in 1991, and its predecessor was a non-woven fabric factory. Because of its rich operating experience, it has a unique understanding of machine design and began to manufacture its own machines. 2.In 1997, through continuous accumulation of experience and continuous updating of equipment, machines began to occupy the domestic market. 3.In 2003, the company established its own foreign trade department to actively serve foreign markets. 4.In 2011, in order to reduce the customer鈥檚 installation cost, we started to test the machine before shipment. 5.In 2014, an after-sales team was established to be responsible for customer installation follow-up and machine maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the machine. 6.In 2017, in order to further reduce the cost of customers, we will provide some free spare parts. 7.In 2021, in order to further serve customers and open up the Chinese market, we have provided information consulting services to help customers find the right machine in good price. 8.In the future, we will always forge ahead, insist on innovation, and provide customers with the best quality machine, and welcome everyone to come and guide. Our Factory 1.The company is located at No. 78 Xiansheng Road, Xianyan Industrial Zone, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 35,000 square meters. 2.The responsibilities of each department of the company are clearly divided into office area, raw material warehouse, processing area, machine test area, R&D center, etc. 3.The company is close to Wenzhou Longwan Airport and Wenzhou Nandong Station, with convenient transportation, almost half an hour鈥檚 drive Our Product The company provides different types of non-woven fabric making machine, coating machine, composite machine, packaging machine,plastic sheet extrusion machine,plastic pipe extrusion machine, information consulting services and etc. Product Application The products have a wide range of applications, covering clothing, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, catering, transportation, construction, technical services and other industries Our Certificate 1.Business License 2.CE certification 3.9001 quality certification 4.14001 Environmental Certification 5.45001 Occupational Health Certification Production Equipment 1.Embroidery backing paper machine 2.Thermal bonded non woven fabric machine 3.Chemical bonded non woven fabric machine 4.Spray bonded polyester wadding machine 5.Melt blown non woven fabric machine 6.Spun bonded non woven fabric machine 7.Interlining coating machine 8.Needle punched non woven fabric machine 9.Granules extrusion machine 10.Plastic sheet extrusion machine 11.Plastic pipe extrusion machine 12.Package machine Production Market 1.The company began to produce the machine that belong to non woven fabric machine , and the main markets are Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. 2.Through continuous technological innovation, the company added packaging machine and plastic extrusion machine on the original basis, and the target market began to shift to North America and Europe. 3.Up to now, the company has exported and installed hundreds of production lines, and we will continue to provide customers with the highest quality machine. Our Service Pre-sales: 1.Let customers know all the details related to the machine and the transaction. 2.Provide professional advice for each customer's problem, and consult the designated port's shipping and other related costs, let customers know every detail before placing an order. 3.We are all thinking about our customers. Through customer visits, telephone calls and faxes, we let customers understand our company's product functions and service functions, grasp the current situation and needs of customers as much as possible, rationally use resources to guide customers, conduct feasibility analysis and according to customer needs and investment plan to provide the best machine configuration. After-sales service: 1.Machines can be installed by the customer. If you need an overseas engineer, please inform us early. Customers are required to pay for round-trip air ticket,accommodation,and the necessary service fees. 2.Any part proves that the process material is defective will be provided free of charge for one year from the date of original purchase. This warranty is void if the device is misused or negligent. Labor or other related fees are not included. 3.We provide free installation, commissioning and training for our customers. 4.Before shipment, a thorough and rigorous inspection must be carried out to ensure that each component is in good condition. 5.Carefully pack all the machines according to the different loading methods. 6.Cooperate with professional shipping companies to ensure transportation time and ensure that the destination port is no longer charged. 7.Provide detailed user manual and troubleshooting diagram, including how to use and maintain the machine correctly. 8.Provide customers with free warranty and maintenance within the contracted time limit and within the scope of repair. 9.We regularly visit customers to help solve problems and requirements when users use the machine. 10.Provide customers with the latest information on the use of technology for free.Non Woven Fabric Calender Machine manufacturers website:

low price Surgical Mask Machine Avatar
low price Surgical Mask Machine
Created by panomenu on Apr, 15 2021 with 1 Members

Our History Founded in 2016, Wenzhou Xinlei Machinery is located in Ruian, Wenzhou,Zhejiagn, a beatiful place with an area of 2100 squre meters. Wenzhou Xinlei Machinery Co. Ltd specializes in developing and manufacturing all kinds of mask machine and packing machine , such as paper straw packing machine , paper cup machine, paper cup packing machine, wet tissue packing machine and ect. Xinlei Machinery is a standard sample factory for final products' researching, producing and sales. Since the establishment of the company, with high technology and high quality as the starting point, focusing on independent innovation, development of its own scientific research team, debugging team, sales team. Taking " Quality First, Customer Satisfaction" as the business policy, we are dedicated to provide customers with first-class mask machine equipment and packaging machine equipment, technology, raw materials through-train service, and are responsible for equipment installation, commissioning and technical staff training. Our Product Full automatic High speed mask machine 1+1,Full automatic mask machine 1+2, elastic bank mask machine, ear loop machine, mask packing machine, paper straw packing machine, wet wipes packing machine, non-woven bag making machine Product Application Textile industry, medical industry Our Certificate Mask machine CE CERTIFICATE PATENT Production Market ALL AROUND THE WORLD Our Service 1. We have our own quality department, for quality control. Customer can double check the machine by examining in our factory or through the video call. 2. If it is the problem of the machine within one year, the seller shall be resposible for the repair. If it is the improper operation of the buyer, the seller shall not assume the resposiblity. Ellectical appliances are guaranteed for half a year. 3. After-sales-service: online support and video technical support. Installation and trainning cost:The seller can send one engineer to buyer for installation and training at the cost of buyer, the cost including visa, round trip air tickets, accommodations and salary 100USD per day. low price Surgical Mask Machine website:

Reborn Baby Doll suppliers Avatar
Reborn Baby Doll suppliers
Created by panomenu on Apr, 15 2021 with 1 Members

Hair: hand applied High Temperature Synthetic wig hair Clothing: dress will be exactly same as picture. you can changes clothes for her by yourself, newborn real baby size clothes fits the doll you will receive a dressed doll same as pictures showing, a pacifier + a feeding bottle+certificate COMPANY PROFILE Huizhou Xinongyuan science and technology Co., Ltd. is a professional Plastic toys company, which specialized in operation: vinyl toys, P V C cartoon character, Sofubi vinyl toy, plastic key chain, Injection toys, Anime figure, reborn baby dolls, money box etc. Our company Established in 2017, We are located in Huizhou. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. we have had a reliable reputation among our customers because of our professional services, quality products and competitive prices. FAQ Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ? A: We are factory Q: How long is your delivery time? A: Generally it is about 30 days. Q: If we want sample, how much do we need to pay ? A: For sample, The sample fee and the transport fee should be paid by buyer. But don't worry, we will return the price for sample when buyer place order. Q: What is your terms of payment ? A: We usually accept and do T/T payments, 50% deposit in advance and the balance will be paid off before delivery .If you have another question, pls feel free to contact us as belowReborn Baby Doll suppliers website:

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon manufacturers Avatar
Coconut Shell Activated Carbon manufacturers
Created by panomenu on Apr, 15 2021 with 1 Members

Characteristics:With high quality coconut shell as raw material, it is refined by series production technology. The appearance of coconut shell activated carbon is black, granular, with developed pores, good adsorption performance, high strength, easy regeneration, economic and durable. Application:It is widely used in food, medical, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, steel-making, tobacco, fine chemical industry, water treatment, electronic industry. Technical specification锛?/strong> applicationWater treatmentAir purification Absorption of methylene blue mg/g鈮?/p>120-225150 Chloride %鈮?/p>0.030.03 Iron %鈮?/p>0.050.05 Ash %鈮?/p>34-6 Moisture %鈮?/p>1010 PH7-107-10 Particle size mesh4-604-30 Remarks: 1.The specification can be adjusted referring to customer鈥檚 requirement. 2.Packaging :20kg PP woven bag or 400kg big bag or according to customer鈥檚 request.Coconut Shell Activated Carbon manufacturers website:

low price FBA Air Freight Avatar
low price FBA Air Freight
Created by panomenu on Apr, 15 2021 with 1 Members

Air freight is critical to the success and speed of the business, as customers demand air freight as their preferred mode of transport, and we know that safety, reliability, flexibility and on-time delivery are essential to customers.Working with all major airlines to provide you with reliable and cost-effective air transport options, we are able to provide you with convenient quality services at the most competitive air transport prices to transport you from China to most of the world. Air freight is a viable option for high value, high density and low volume goods such as product samples, electronics, watches, jewelry, and plastics.However, air transport is to some extent only cost-effective and not all high-value, high-density products can be loaded onto airbus. Our air transport specialists operate around the clock to ensure that your air transport reaches your destination with the fastest transit time, the best routes and the highest cost efficiency.When it comes to air transportation from China to the United States, xiongda always has the right solution and we are pleased to be your designated air transportation agent. Services include: Air charter Multimodal transport The time deposit Consolidation Transport of dangerous goods Door-to-door, airport-to-airport servicelow price FBA Air Freight website:

Customized Clamp On Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter Avatar
Customized Clamp On Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter
Created by panomenu on Apr, 15 2021 with 1 Members

About Us WSL Instrument was founded in 2006. We have focused on flow, level meter and analytical instrument and more than 10 years. As a professional manufacturer, we always pay much attention on technology and service. Specific solution programme could be provided to different work condition. The SIL, explosion-proof, ISO, etc. certificated qualification and extreme standard let us keep very competitive in the current market. Our products are widely used in chemical, environmental, urban water supply and drainage, electricity, water, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, sugar, petroleum, paper, steel and water treatment and other industries.Customized Clamp On Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter website:

Cobalt Products factory Avatar
Cobalt Products factory
Created by panomenu on Apr, 15 2021 with 1 Members

1. Molecular Formula:Co3O4 2. CAS NO.:1308-06-1 3. Molecular Weight:240.797 4. Property: Black powder, no agglomeration. Density:6.11g/cm3, Soluble in acids and alkalis. Insoluble in water. 5. Sepcification(%): Co73min73min Fe0.005max0.005max Ni0.005max0.005max Mn0.005max0.005max Cu0.005max0.005max Pb0.005max0.005max Ca0.005max0.005max Na0.005max0.005max Mg0.005max0.005max Zn0.005max0.005max Al0.005max0.005max D50

Wet Wipe Machine Avatar
Wet Wipe Machine
Created by panomenu on Apr, 15 2021 with 1 Members

Production flow: Unrolling - slitting fabric into lanes - folding - wetting - cutting - pile&counting - delivering Main technical parameter 鈼?Product type: Baby wipes(non cross folding) 鈼?Product speed: 250-350 cuts/min (set on PLC) 鈼?Suitable raw material: Air laid paper, spunlace/hot-rolling nonwoven fabric 鈼?Weight of raw material: 35-80g/銕?/p> 鈼?Folding way: ''Z'' or ''V'' shape (pop up and non-pop up锛?/p> 鈼?Cutting unite: a.double paper shelves B.10 lanes or 12 lanes, 2 rolls c.raw material roll width: 900~1250mm 鈼?Length of wet tissue: 140-220mm(set on PLC) 鈼?Size of raw material: (1000-1320)脳脴1000 (mm, W脳Dia) 鈼?Wet tissue unfolded size: (140-220)脳(150-250) (mm, L脳W) 鈼?Wet tissue folded size: (140-220)脳(90-110) (mm, L脳W) 鈼?Material supply system: Servo motor 鈼?Cutting system: Converter motor 鈼?Piling system: Servo Motor 鈼?Power supply: 380V 50HZ 鈼?Power: 9KW 鈼?Size of machine: 9600脳3300脳2000(mm, L脳W脳H) 鈼?Weight of machine: 5000 kg 鈼?Water Tank: 400L with agitator 2pcs Servo Motor Main Feature 1. ALL Servo design, equip with 2 units servo motors from Mitsubishi, With scientific design and compact structure, easy operation and maintenance 2. Servo automatically control 3. Main electrical parts approved. With safety door and E-stop and relative safety system. 4. Main mechanical parts made by CNC, main electric parts from Janpan 5. Inverters control motors, universal couple adopted for main parts, integrity of gear box and phaser, time belt gear driving. 6. Adjust phase to be synchronized at machine running. Main Configurations 1. Steel structure, stainless steel plate, stainless steel parts 2. Raw material applicator, adopted two material racks, width: 900 鈥?250mm 3. Pop up or non pop up can be adjusted. 4. Liquid distributed from holes of the pipes 5. Lotion supplying system, including two tanks with continuously agitators mixing, recycle unit, adjustable amount 6. Tower system to pull the folded raw materials in one way. 7. Raw material short cutting, cut length can be adjusted. 8. Sheet counting and stacking unit, servo motor adopted for easy adjusting quantity. 9. Conveyor system 10. Operate interface for main machine. 11. Safety system: Complete protection for the blade, cabinet must be made with doors. Emergency braking system. 12. Mutsibish Servo system 13. Touching Screen of operation interface 14 Counting automatically. 15. Out put count automatically record Machine in detail: Performance specification: 鈼?Machine is covered with stainless steel board, while the mechanical parts contacting on products are made by stainless steel. The appearance is beautiful and the hygiene of products is also protected. Online auto liquid recycling and feeding can assure the evenness of liquid percentage. Auto counting unit, 2 stacking heads. 鈼?On this machine, the jumbo roll is folded, liquid added, fixed length cut, longitudinal folded and then into auto or manual packaged directly. All procedures from jumbo roll to final products packaging are all conducted on the machine. All procedure is hygienic. 鈼?This machine adopts full digital centralizing control, such as, advanced servo system, PLC program, touching screener and so on; it is accurate in positioning, high in automation level as well as nicely and tightly packaging of products. safety-guard door, emergency stop and so on. 鈼?Most of parts are precisely processed by numerical-control machine; the key mechanical parts are under CNC processing; while the main outsourcing parts are world famous brand. 鈼?Stop to changing the raw material,raw material tail alarm. RRW-360 Full-auto wet wipes Packing Machine锛坅uto changing锛?/strong> Production type: Baby wet tissue 30~120PCS/BAG Production process : Connect to HY-2800 folding machine 鈫?feeding wipe automatic 鈫抍onveying to packing machine 鈫?setting packing film 鈫?setting window hole label 鈫?Central sealing 鈫扙nd sealing and reciprocating cut 鈫?Output finished products. MainTechnical parameter: (Suitable to pack 锛?0-120pcs/bag锛?/strong> 鈼?Production speed: 30-60bag/min 鈼?Diameter of raw film roll: 鈮?80mm 鈼?Width of raw film roll: 鈮?20mm 鈼?Wrapping material: PP, OPP, PET, PE, and all suitable films 鈼?Shapes of packing: Pillow type packaging 鈼?Packing length: 100-300mm锛坱ouch screen setable锛?/p> 鈼?Packing Width: 80~130mm锛坅djustable锛?/p> 鈼?Height of packing: 10-100mm 锛坅djustable锛?/p> 鈼?Horizontal sealing pattern: Reciprocation heat sealing 鈼?Drive motor pattern: All servo drive 鈼?Control pattern: YASKAWA MOTION Control system 鈼?Operation interface: 7 inch LCD touch screen with movable arm. 鈼?Film supply system: Servo drive 鈼?Horizontal system: Servo drive 鈼?Feeding system: Servo drive 鈼?Labeling system: Servo drive 鈼?Punching system: Servo drive 鈼?Horizontal protection: Torque overload protection 鈼?Air requirements: 0.5-0.8Mpa 0.01m3/min 鈼?Electric power requirements: 380VAC 50/60HZ 鈼?General power: 9KW 鈼?Dimension of Machine: 5210脳1250脳2100mm 鈼?Standard equipment: Auto waiting conveyor, Date printing unit銆丳unching unit銆乀wo Labelling unit銆両nserting corner unit銆丄uto-Electrical eye tracking, And auto changing packing film, auto changing adhesive label. System Character 1. The packing film adopts mechnical tension control. 2. Two label machine, one sub-labeling, the other is anti-counterfeiting label. 3. Punching at the packing film automatically. 4. Heating printing (date) device. 5. Four back and forth transverse sealing device withinsert corner by cylinder form. 6. Eight servo motors, controlling feeding packing film,transverse sealing, feeding tissue respectively, labeling and auto-changing; 7. Lengthways sealing device, control theopen-closeby cylinder. The sealing wheel are apart automatically when the machine stops. 8. Punching, labeling and the eye mark's relatived position can be set in the touch screen. 9. Automatic feeding raw material device. 10. Colour touch screen, MOTION SYSTEM CONTROL. 11. Main motor adopts famous brand. 12. Main machine adopts frames form. 13.Non-stop auto-changing packing film and label. 14.Automatic waiting conveyor with 304SST roller, which when the folding machine quickly it will wait on the conveyor and when the conveyor is empty the packing machine will stop by itself. Machiner in detail afs: RRW-5800B Full-auto Lid Applicator I. Technical parameters Speed45-48 pcs/min锛坋g. Film length at 250mm锛?/p> Maxi. Packing film length300 mm (the film length will affect the actual production speed) Wet wipes package Dimension LengthWidthHeight 300mm45-120mm10-80mm Accuarcy卤1.2 mm Voltage require3 phases, AC380V 50/60 Hz Power7.5 KW Air Pressure0.4 - 0.6MPa, 1.0 m鲁/hr DimensionL 2000 * W 2650 * H 1650 mm Weight1200 Kg II. Description Adopting Delta's SCARA body widely used in 3C electronic products, SCARA body has superior speed, precision, linearity and verticality, which can quickly and accurately complete the operations of grabbing lids, coating lids and pasting lids on wet wipes package. E-Vision system: Using Delta's DMV2000 E-vision system, a new generation of humanized operation interface, quickly establish an E-visual inspection system, using a high-level CameraLINK interface camera to achieve high-speed arithmetic processing, built-in PLC communication connection to automatically exchange data. The display and operation interface in the operation mode can be customized, and simplify for operation and maintains. Touch screen: All the main commands via the7-inch touch screen, like setting position of lid grabbing , setting coating position, the track of glue spraying ( tack like rectangular, runway type, ellipse type), and other parameters compensation, all can be can be settable or modification by the touch screen. Vision light source: It adopts industrial LED light source, which is more durable than civilian light source, prolongs the decay time, and the light source will NOT stroboflash, which improves the accuracy of photographing. Display: It adopts 15-inch industrial display, which is more suitable for workshop use. III. Main electrical configuration NO.ItemSpec & ModelQTYMark 1SCARA BODYDRS40L3SS1BN002(included CVT)1DELTA 2Controller #1DMV2000-CL2-HS1DELTA 3CameraDMV-CM4MCCL1DELTA 4Camera LensDMV-LN16M061DELTA 5CablesDMV-CAF03CL1DELTA 6Servo systemB2-750W3DELTA 7Controller #2DVP32ES200T1DELTA 8Touch screenDOPB07E4111DELTA 9Hot-melt deviceHS-168A1Jinhuangshang Our Happy Customers: Our factory:Wet Wipe Machine website: